Rate power-up punch


I’ve started noticing fighting-type pokemon having power-up punch as the charge move. How does that stack-up against others like dynamic punch or close combat? Poke Genie doesn’t even offer it in the list of moveset options, so won’t give moveset ratings for pokemon with it. What’s the scoop on this move?


I’ll check up on it


It currently is not in the go hub database…when it is availavle…I’ll run several dps/tdo comparisons


Thanks, @Luke, I look forward to your findings. What little I’ve seen elsewhere has been a bit confusing.


I would like to know as well


I found this on game press


Terrible, Lucario fares better with Close Combat


Don’t know I’m a fan of dynamic punch


Does it raise the Attack stat, like Ancient power does with attack and Defense?


It appears to the attack stat one level (with 4 levels max boost) for a limited time, after which it drops back one level at a time to its original value. It also seems to deal some damage to the opponent. The damage seems less than close combat or dynamic punch, but the increase in power could make it a great partner move for a 2nd-charge-move set. (Hit the power-up move a couple of times, then use the bigger-damage charge move?)

That’s how I read the pokemon go wiki and silph road material, but am unsure of how speculative the sources might be on the new move (and unsure of my interpretation of their assessment).


But Machamp can’t learn it right


Only works like that in PvP, and even there the only good mon with it is Medicham


Not in raids?

Apparently one move it’s good at increasing is Confusion… :confused:


Its stat is not as good as other fighting type charge moves, but it can boost attack in PvP (in not sure if boost is 100% guaranteed)