Rarity Overload


I hatches my first egg during the event (it wasnt an event egg) and it was a 100% iv shiny pichu. What is the rarest thing that has ever happened to you. I got an EX raid pass today as well as my first lugia today.


Sounds like it was your lucky day. Got a 100% Shiny Lugia early this week, so I would say that would count :grin:


I actually did 2 lugia raids yesterday and on the first one everyone except me caught it, and on the second, everyone except me didnt.


Nice one:smile:


A 100IV Chimecho from an egg I guess


shiny bulba followed by shiny lugia followed by another shiny bulba

3 shinies back to back to back. No drizzy drake involved.


During the Community Event I caught, not hatched a 100% IV exeggcute. Last week I hatched a 100 Beldum


Ok what tops my rare 100 iv exeggcute on community day? Another 100 iv exeggcute the next day (yesterday) no joke. That’s crazy! I think I’ll save the second one in case there’s exeggcute is given a community day event!


93% Shiny Bulba, xD


critical caught a Latios


First ball critical catch on Mewtwo :sunglasses:


Pretty proud of this one cause i didnt think i would get another chance to get him. Plus it was missingno so it wasnt an easy catch!


congrats. I cant wait to get one, it will my first legendary, but i probably wont be able to do so until monday.