Rare pokemon challenge


Think you got the rarest?

Post em up.

Bill is interested in seeing your rare captures.


Lemme start ;


I found a wild @Kevin260709 !


This is rare:




I WANT IT :smile_cat::joy_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: ( @KingQ07 you said this in response to my Rampardos topic :wink:)








I bet it is fun to use that at raids.



I can’t travel a lot, so I’m quite proud about my Unown collection:
E U R O P E (from last year’s Safari zone compensation event, or exactly: Munich, this was only a day trip)
D O R T M U N D (this year’s safari zone in… who knows? yes, Dortmund :wink:)
F - my very fist Unown, backyard spawn, the one I’m most proud of


i counter with:



One of the best I’ve ever seen :star_struck:


??? What is rare?


Lol I was going to ask that as well. I mean for us in the states Mr Mime is rare since it’s Europe’s regional


It is Mime???


If it’s rare to you post it.

can be alot of candy
can be a nice iv
can be a nice cp
anything that is “amazing”
Not just Shiny Pokemon