Rare Pokémon but low cp


Post pictures or words of rare Pokémon but low cp
I will start with a shiny cloyster 111 cp and a Snorlax 36cp which at the time was my Pokédex Snorlax but I am going to deleate it before Saturday for more space to catch larvitar and kyogre



I’ve delete both so don’t have the exacts any more but I’ve had Snorlax(s) and Lapras below 100cp.
2 uncommon I have that are low but have kept because they are 100% are Yanma 58cp and Manwaste 90cp.



I’d keep the Snorlax, especially since it’s a “rare baby”. Aren’t there any other Pokemon you can delete?


I guess that response was directed to my deletion of a Snorlax?
I’ve caught 74 (sadly no great IV’s) so there was no need to keep hanging on to it.


Ah, got it. I’ve caught less than 20 Snorlax myself. I like to keep CP10 babies as I call them.


These were my only ones for 7 months



What’s that cp









this as well.


42 and 43 Gyarados


I got a 10CP Makuhita & Swablu, both shiny, but I power the shiny Hariyama up every time a quest tells me I have to do power ups.