Rare/Evolved Spawns during current Johto event



One day into the current Johto event, do you guys see more rare/evolved spawns in the wild? I saw the following today:

Amphoros - seen 1 today in nearby but not able to make it to the said stop, 2nd time I saw it in the wild, first time was right after gen 2 was released and I caught it before I even had Mareep and Flaffy.
Donphan - seen 1 today and caught it, I saw it couple times before
Skarmory - seen several today, although not super rare
Forretress - seen 2 today in nearby and caught it, not able to make it to the said stop for the 2nd one, sorry @Pokemon
Togetic - seen 1 today and caught it, 2nd time I saw it in the wild

I understand different biomes have different spawns, comment on these?


I saw Piloswine!


All good, again, the italic :sweat_smile:


I saw Piloswine raid @Pokemon


Oh, found one in the wild,


larvitars :muscle:t5::fire::smirk:


Yes, I noticed that too. Some Pokemon that almost never appear or are very rare now can be found in large numbers: Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, Larvitar, Chinchou, Lanturn, Sunkern, Snubbull, Houndour, Yanma, Misdreavus, Pineco, Slugma, Xatu, Gligar, Octillery…


Haven’t seen Quilava since… water event 2017


I saw several Laritar and Quilava today.


Only seeing swinub, and only at my house :joy:. No larvitar for me, @Pokemon.


Pinap swinub, haha


I do, of course. Silver Pinap, when I get them, will have much use.


I might use Silver (or Platimum) Pinap on Mewtwo or other gen 4 legendaries.


If I ever get Mewtwo I would use it.


I will have Mewtwo raid this Sat., but I don’t think by the Mewtwo raid I will be able to make it to the stage where Silver Pinap is rewarded. :sweat_smile:


Found a Flaffy, Granbull and Donphan! Also, a whole lot of Larvitars around. Pretty neat event


Yep, like my swinubs :muscle:


Definitely seen an increase of Gligar, Swinub, Sneasel, Aipom, Misdreaveus and Octillary


I’ve found a lot of these evolves:

  • Quilava

  • Croconaw

  • Granbull

  • Flaaffy

  • Togetic

  • Magmar🤔

  • Ursaring

Also a lot of Larvitar/Slugma/Cyndaquil/Snubbull/Houndour/Sunkern/Pineco/Teddiursa/Yanma/Mareep/Aipom are appearing. Yet to see Unown though.


Have caught a Granbull and saw a Piloswine but it was far out of wifi coverage. Caught a Phanpy this morning that was with a zubat and a misdreavus. Almost out of balls… Sunkern aren´t showing up. Found one yesterday in 7km that i walked.