Random Sinnoh Stone!


To kick my weekend: no Sinnoh Stone for me this week!
That’s the first time I got really pissed at Niantic. Release something new behind a weekly lock, I can work with that. Now, behind a random number generator, that’s where I draw the line.

Hope they revert it.


Amen to that. I knew something was off this afternoon when my reward was balls, xp, and stardust, instead of Sinnoh stone.




If it’s gone to RNG I hope it can now come from Stops like all the other Stones. To go RNG from the 7th quest completed is too harsh. Not everyone completes a Quest every day.
I have a feeling it was a glitch with the Lets Go being turned off that been corrected despite the auto response from Niantic from those that complained. Unfortunately I don’t think those caught in it will get any compensation.


I hope it is random on weekly research reward, gym, stop, but guaranteed on 7th day spin, like other stones. It means we can a Sinnoh Stone and one other evolution stone on 7th day spin.


My 7th spin is on saturdays. Hope it’s there, at least.


@thinger95, is that Electivire your first Sinnoh Stone evolution?


I know the feeling, just done the daily weekly quest hoping for a stone.
NOPE pokeballs instead.
I want another Mismagius…


If it’s gone to RNG I’m glad I haven’t used either of my 2 stones yet. Was holding out to see if anything was going to be more important to use it on then pull the pin. Mostly waiting to see if they will be required for Mamoswine.


Just got one 5 minutes ago. 7 day, sinnoh stone and a 100% Shedinja.


If it is truly only going to appear in the 7-day Breakthrough … SOMETIMES … then that’s a pretty poor decision from Niantic, who have been making a lot of great decisions lately.

If it is no longer 100% on a 7-Day, then it definitely should appear elsewhere too. 7-day Pokestop spin, super rare random Pokestop spin, raid reward, in friend eggs … somewhere …


So far, I got Electivire and shiny Roserade


If not triplicate.


I used mine to get Electivire too, TS is very fast, I like it!


I didn’t get Sinnoh stone last week, but I got one now!


So lucky! Been 2 weeks without a Stone here! Love some 10x balls


You’ll get some soon when the pvp update goes live. It’s one of the rewards for completing a match no matter if you win or lost


Got one today from my 7th day research reward


I get my research breakthrough on Sunday, I get my stamp tomorrow from a chansey quest.


Just got my 2nd Research Breakthrough in a row w/ no Sinnoh Stone. :expressionless: