Raikou the best moveset



Hello, could anybody explain me why on the page https://db.pokemongohub.net/pokemon/243 the best moveset for attack is thunder shock/wild charge when on the most other pages the strongest moves are volt switch and thunder (the only electric move with dps over 40) . Are any additional things which are more important to counting a damage than dps?


Wild Charge does a lot more damage and is a lot more efficent because it takes only half of the energy bar, unlike Thunder
And Thunder shock makes you more agile while also giving more energy


Are any additional things which are more important to counting a damage than dps?

Absolutely! Energy generation, cool down, etc etc. We use a custom simulator script to calculate moveset damage and then to rank it with others. The DMG column reflects the total damage score that moveset performed in a simulated fight.


Thx for quick answer, I used so far the table with dps moves and I think thunder is the best… And I allmost change it on all poks :D. I’ve got all catching Raikou with volt switch, so I change on those which I’ll up.


I personally like Thunder Shock or Charge Beam and Zap Cannon or thunderbolt or wild charge on my electric types (no raikou lol)


I absolutely love my 98% Raikou Thunder Shock/Wild Charge as a fighter. It’s every thing I wish Jolteon was when compared again Vaporeon. I tried a couple of the move set combos as caught them and this combo is the best mix of devastating and quick. I’ve converted all to Thunder Shock and only have 3 left out of 9 to change to Wild Charge now.
I also powered that 98%er up to Max CP at the time but now with the latest App update as of today need another 30 Candy and 20K Dust to do it another 2 times again for Game Max.
I’d love to power my 93% with the same moves up but not sure I’ll get there as the Rare Candy is going on a 100% Entei to finish that off than it will be the new scrub Turkey released yesterday no doubt if I get a good IV worthy. Lots of Raid time for me by the looks.


I have no Rain on but Zapdos is a close second - Charge Beam charges zap cannon so fast
Edit: dumb autocorrect