Raid Glitch? HELPPP


So basically every time I get into a raid I join in and it kicks me out saying “this raid has ended!” and takes my raid pass. Does anyone know why?


well it happend with me during moltres day!!
it said you have already completed the raid…
did you had any lag during the go animation in raid???




Try logging out and back in (you know, from your trainer account)


why don’t tou mail the developer,a friend of mine was issued 3 premium passes for a similar issue…
Well I didn’t bother because i had multiple passes to spare on that day…
Good luck mate! @DarrenDeGray


Make sure the time on your device is correctly set.


Set to Auto Network time.
I had a Mini Tab that used to turn the auto network time off from time to time. Used glitch out as timer was 3-4 mins different when it wasn’t on auto time.


this remembers me of way back, my brother had the same issue. The time on his phone didn’t match the actual time. When we both joined a raid his countdown timer was off by a minute. I could enter and he error’d out