Raid counters for mespirit, uxie, and azelf



More Psychic legendarys.
TL;DR same counters as for Mewtwo/Deoxys.


Cant wait for my psychic boi


Azelf is really the only one that causes me to change my team up, mainly because I use Pinsir and Scizor heavily. I think I may need to level up my 98% Banette and put my 96% Alolan Muk back in rotation when Azelf comes to call.

The others I’m not worried about, although I can already hear my Denver comrades moaning about Uxie. There was no living with them this summer. XD


Looks like I can duo Azelf no matter the weather, duo Mesprit only in foggy weather (quite rare here as it’s summer), trio Uxie.


Getting similar resuslts except barely doing the Mesprit duo in Foggy (best friends included)


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