Raid battles and field researchs feel not rewarding. am I the only one?


1400 CP decays slower than 2000 CP.

Even if the Pokémon isn’t something you will power up, it’s still candy, stardust and more interesting to catch than common Pokémon.

If you are really so set against a Snorlax you could wait cash in the research again until August.


@Avi you want higher lvl/cp pokemon in breakthrough?


This was a Wild Catch, no Power Ups.
I’d still rather get a 100% from a Quest, Hatch or Raid though.


I was happy just to get the 12 candies from the Snorlax yesterday.


I personally would consider the field research Snorlax as a bonus. It has body slam as well. Also, CP means nothing. A 1500 cp dragonite is better than a 4000 cp slaking


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Well not nothing, a 3000CP dragonite is obviously better than a 1500CP dragonite. But yeah, it depends alot on wich pokemon you are comparing.


Look at the poll results. Everyone disagrees😂


I agree with @Mapman42 , @Avi on that cp isn’t everything. It’s just a summary of stats. For example, my 3200 cp dragonite has 30 dps while my 4000 cp slaking has 20 dps.


So @Avi I guess you ARE the only one!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


A 3000 CP Dragonite is a lot more useful to me than a 4000 CP Slaking.


True, but a good thing about slaking is that when he returns to me from a gym I see that he won like 5 gym battles there. It’s hard to dodge his play rough when you are battling him.


Yup. I had to waste a bunch of Charged TMs to make sure my 2nd Slaking had that move.


None for me…


My 15 CP caterpi takes about two days to het out of my semi private gym at work…


I, as an lvl 24, haven’t encountered a 2k CP yet. The highest. i have is 1600. 1200 CP is more Comen than a 1400 arm. Got this Snorlax from field research.


Power up, good attacker and defender with the right moveset


Im jealous…


I got my first 2000 cp pokemon as we consider it today at level 26 by powering up my arcanine. I still have a 2600 arcanine today because after the cp changes i still wanted it to stay on my top page. It couldn’t keep up and now sits on page 5 :stuck_out_tongue:


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