How was your Zapdos Day?


How was your Zapdos Day?
Share it here.:smile:

How did you do on zapdos day
Raid battles and field researchs feel not rewarding. am I the only one?

I can see the future…
Im not going to catch any Zapdos


Sad for me, no shiny


Wow i can really see future


I predict I catch a shiny before Moltres Day and I’m going to miss out on the Moltres.
Because the same happened to me on Articuno & Zapdos Day.


1 shiny and a 98%


No zapdos




Literally the exact same as me!


22 raids, 20 captured, 3 shinys. 1 worth powering up with 87% 15ATK.

It was fun. Started with just 3 level 40 Instinct players ~45 seconds left on the clock everytime, 1 had to go after 6 raids so we caught up with the blue group and then did the rest, to end the last 4 raids with 5 Instinct players private again.


12 out of 12 catched and 2 shinies.:heart_eyes:


Had a better day than Articuno mainly because I a got a Shiny on mine this time. After learnings from Articuno and some more planning we were able to do a few more Raids.
16 Raids with 15 caught but sadly no great IV’s on mine.


Why am I missing a number?


Managed to complete 6 raids and caught them all. My friend who seems to have good luck did 5 and caught 2. Both shiny


I forgot my Raid log book so numbered them in order of done so I can fill that in after.


I have not participated, these “special” days are too frecuent for me.

In the last weeks was there any moment without “something”? Double XP, Comunity Day, don’t how many Stardust, Summer Pikachu,… at the end I’m a little bit tired.


@Pokemon if you want you can post Zapdos Day stuff here


here are mine. My friend said i could get one at best friend status (they caught 2)


Im here right now with no one else.


@Mapman42 that’s easy😄