Quick and Charged TMs


Have you been recieving less? I can’t remember last time i got a charged TM.

  • Still getting
  • Barely see it anymore
  • i need!

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I’m hardly doing any Raids as the T5 atm is garbage so haven’t noticed.


Only T5 drops? :sweat:i haven’t done T5 i been only doing T1. I thought RNG applies to all Tiers :thinking:


The best way to get TM’s and especially Charge ones is from High Tier Raids. It’s rare to get Charge ones from T1-2. Not impossible but very Rare.


I got a charged tm from a t3 raid a couple days ago.


Maybe bring them to Breakthrough rewards.

  • Yes
  • No

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Regigigas next probably


For sure.
I basically only am able to do raids on community day and I only got a fast tm last time and 1 rare candy/nothing else?? the time before


More rewards keeps a trainer happy. :hugs: i know i would be.


Yeah I can’t wait to do easy battles for free dust soon


I believe it is 1 a day but who know what the rest of rewards you get. Maybe first battle a big reward and rest are smaller good rewards. :man_shrugging:t5:


I hope your wrong as that’s not one I’m overly keen on. Up side to undesirable T5’s is I spend a lot more time on the Bike catch every thing making more Dust than chasing a Raids.


You want Dialga, Palkia, Azelf, Darkrai, and Heatran more, right?


They would be more desirable to me, Yes.
While I wait the coins and Dust pile up.
The latest Gift Boxes are Good Value an I cashed in on Raid Passes and Star Pieces. I was down to 4 Star Pieces, now have plenty again.


Didnt fight that garbage duck too much, but I am inna desperate need for Charge TMs


This, so cant really tell if there are more or less.


I’m good for Charge TM’s even after using around 45 changing moves on MewTwo. The most used on 1 was 14 trying to get Ice Beam.


I only keep 5 of each. My bag space is too important to keep a bunch.


What are you hoarding lots of @bobbyjack8 that you can only 5 of each TM?
My Fast TM’s do need a cull as I generally hold 30-40 of those as they are a bit easier to get and it’s a granted one use to get the required move.


Here is my weakness. I can’t bring myself to discard them.:expressionless: