Questions using PokeGenie to estimate final CP


So I’ve gotten back into pokemon go this past month. I’ve been obsessing over catching better mons, shiny mons, unique mons, etc.
A friend turned me onto Poke Genie and Ive been using it to great extent, but I have some question with your experience either with the app, or with upgrading vs evolving first.
I have a nearly perfect shiny feebas from our latest community day and the app tells me that a max cp 270 feebas will evolve into a 2986 cp Milotic. I’ve upgraded my Feebas to 204cp. Should I upgrade it to the max before evolving it or evolve first? Will it have an effect at the bottom line? Meaning, will it be better or worse off.



I think you should evolve then power up.
I’m not sure what the difference would be besides that you will have a beautiful Miloctic! :heart_eyes:


Or you could powee up to level 30 then evolve.
So you could see what you are getting into.


It makes 0 difference at all if you evolve before or after you power it up. So you can do either way you want.

The bonus you get for evolving it is that it might actually be already usefull at higher levels. Level 40 Feebas = worthless. Level 35 Milotic can atleast do something in gym battles.


Yeah that sounds good. I was thinking in terms of other pokemon too. Like if I have a handful of candies at lower levels maybe its good to power it up, just so its more useful, but…
if I can evolve it, might as well do it. That’s great insight thanks a lot!

Is the powering up cost based solely on level? Meaning, would evolving it into milotic actually make it more expensive to power up?


Jup. Its always the same cost regardless of evolved or not.


True, I think I’ll power it up just a pinch and see what happens.


Got it, good luck!


Using poke genie can you fibd out the level of your feebas?


Sure. On the first screen overlay that comes up when you hit the orange dot, look on the lower-right (just above “DELETE SCAN”) and you should see the pokemon’s level.


Yes I know I was asking UserTerminated if he knows how to do it


Didn’t look very closely at the context of the question; my bad.