Questions about the Detective Pikachu event


What does photobomb mean?
In the article, it says you will get photobombed with pikachu with detective hats.
So what do I need to do to catch pikachu with detective hat?
Please reply, Thanks for your time.


When you take pictures of your Pokémon with Pokémon snapshot, you have a chance to get photobombed.
This can occur only once a day.

You know what getting photobombed means?




It means that a person (or in this case a pokemon) that you did not intend to get on a picture jumps into the picture


Well, if you get photobombed, go watch the pictures you Made, go see the one with the surprise Pokémon, then close that tab. Then tap on the Pokémon on the map and capture it


Here’s something from the GoHub that can explain the ‘photobomb’ in PoGo, @SleepingPika1224


Is this in all regions? Or is it special to a particular area (ie: USA as I got my first yesterday)?


It isn’t exclusive to any area


Thank you!


I just had Smeargle photobomb himself!