Questions about ending friendships


What happens if I un-friend somebody? Do they get a message saying I unfriended them, or does my trainer name simply vanish from their friend list? Do we have an opportunity to give some indication of why we un-friended them? Is it a unilateral process or is the one being un-friended able to propose the friendship continue? Is it possible to re-friend somebody whose friendship was ended by one of us? I would prefer if the friends who never open a gift but keep sending them can be jolted into the give-and-take dynamic rather than just ending the friendship.

And I’d like to know how the process plays out before I start, so that I can use the process properly and avail myself of any mechanisms for diplomatic friend-ending that might be available.


From what I understand, there is no message. What does happen is that any progress made is currently held on the server for like a week or so, that way you can get back right where you had left off. Once that expires, you will have to start all over again.

I’ve removed a few friends in my friends list due to inactivity, or broken trade deals. I make it clear that it’s nothing personal; it’s just making room for another friend that’s more active.


No, no, no, no ,no and yes, you are able to add them again. It’s just like deleting a friend anywhere on the internet, no notifications are sent out.


I drop people all the time to make room for active players,


I thought the progress would be saved period. Not just a week.

I know you dont get a message if someone removes you. The name just vanishes.


Don’t remove me @vorgriff3


No way, man.


They disappear from their list. No message


PkmnMasterHolly on Twitter asked the same question, and she was told by various other people that the progress is saved for 7 days and then the progress resets on day 8.


Thanks; that should be helpful. But since I’m not anywhere on the internet that has a friendship feature, I’m equally ignorant of how deleting friends works on any of those sites.


Did they update this since March? I removed a friend early on because he (by his own admission) was rubbish with sending gifts until shinies were introduced in them. When I re-added him we went straight back to where we left off…