[Question] Lucky Trades


What is a lucky trade and how does it affect a Pokemon? My brother and I managed to get a lucky trade today, but I don’t know if I should be excited or not lol.


Lucky pokemon have higher IVs.

A lucky has 80 % IV or more or 12/12/12 stats or better.

They require half stardust to power up and look cool in your pokedex or pokemon box.

You should be excited, lucky trades are rare, or lucky :wink:


Thanks :grinning:


@DarrenDeGray what lucky did you get?


A dratini


Oh, then you are really lucky, what IV?


How do I check? I’m on Valor but I don’t know the exact IV sayings.


@Pokemon 84% IV.


Simply amazing is the best.

Strong is second best.

Decent is third best.

Not very great in battle is the worst .

Blown away means 15 attack, defense, or hp, it tells you.

Excellent stats means I think 11-14.
Stats indicate in battle will get the job done is 5-10 I think.

And its stats dont point to greatness in battle is 0-5.0.




yeah it’s not the best


No, 84 % lucky Dratini is really good, less to power up and it is strong.


@thorend issue fixed


Ok, i might have to evolve that instead of my dragonair lol.


Save up :wink:


At 83 now, but dratinis are a rare sight where I am.


Try hatching 10ks, I often get them.


Just fly to me and go to the SMP lol




My dad got a lucky Mewtwo.