Question about gym battles


I went for my first gym battle the other day, my party was Flareon, Sneasel, Tauros, Noctowl,Haunter and Raichu, I know not the best mix but they were the highest power I have. Anyways the thing is while i was battling Haunter and Noctowl never showed up instead a Oddish and a Merril did. Do you have to choose your next party member yourself when the current one faints? Or will it just pick randomly for you if you dont?


Did you go out of the gym and back in again? That could’ve reset your team to suggested.

Also, was your team a battle party (accessible through pokemon screen?
If so, when you start a gym battle and see at the bottom your list of pokemon, you need to swipe across to it.


I remember pushing the battle button and Flareon showed up who is the at the front of my team so I figured my party had been chosen.


I remember a similar case, but the reason was that the system has not noticed that my choosen mon’s were dead. Once I revived all dead pokémon the system worked fine.


I know what happened. They auto selected flareom, and you did not choose your battle party :wink::laughing:


The game autoselected for you, you need to change the mons one by one before hitting the ready for battle button. After you finish one round of battles thru all the mons in the gym, if you want start the second round, you need to change the mons one by one and possibly healing your mons before battling again.


Or he could just swipe left for his battle party :sweat_smile:


As long as the oddish was op you are fine.


For me, I like to give my different pokemons chances to battle so that they could earn wins.


Ya my 10 cp Caterlie took down a raid boss!:joy:


who is the lucky raid boss? :rofl:


Madikarp :joy:


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