[quest spoilers] Progress with master throwback challenge


I am this far


Yep… I’m still stuck grinding away on stage 2 as well :roll_eyes:


I have been busy a lot this month and that’ll continue until the first of July. Will try to complete the Research after that.


I completed mine on Mon or Tue of this week with the help of remote raid passes.


I’m on page 3, and the only quest I haven’t done is level up a Pokemon 15 times. I could have done that sooner, but with new Legendaries coming in, I figured I’d just wait to do that. Seemed to make more economic sense.




I’m still only here…



I did accidentally spend a Premium Battle Pass, but I finally finished the 15 Raids.


Looks like the 15 Battles will take a while. The GO Battle League is down again. :man_facepalming: