Quest impossible


Fine, Niantic. I realized long ago that some players can make one Excellent throw after another until the cows come home, so to say (some strategy videos demonstrate that talent), while the best I can do is two great, and then a nice, maybe.

So can I please abort this “make 3 great curveball throws in a row” quest and move on to something I CAN do? Is it really necessary to be harassed about “streak broken” for the rest of the time I play this game?


You can always remove it, but hey, it’s just an extra option to get Larvitar, not something you have to do😉


I can remove it?



Yes, click on the bin icon top RHS on the quest.


Thanks. Missed that, obviously.


I’ve had it at least 4 days in my list before completing. But yes, with a little bit of luck you can do it. I’ve done looking for the easy ones. Pidgey isn’t good, because it’s too near, Zubat is too nervous, but there are are some like Slowpoke, which really help you.


Those “do XY in a row” quests are insta-delete for me. I actually insta-delete the regular Excelent Throw quests as well. And the “spin NEW pokéstops” quest too (I really don’t need another Ponyta or Girafarig or whatever it rewarded, and have no interest wasting fuel to go someplace I didn’t clear yet on a whim). Maybe I’ll keep it when I’m going on a holiday or something.


I don’t fullfill them for the reward, I only complete one each day, so I can get the Moltres or the Mew at the end.


Thank God we can delete quests.


I always trash the ones I know I’m not going to complete that day. I only do a few raids during the week and if I get a task that has anything to do with a raid and it’s my work day, it gets trashed.


It’s easier if you go after the right Pokémon


This quest thing has taught me which Pokemon are the easiest to get Great Throws against.


The quest for Mew with the excellent was easy since it was just 1 throw. Niantic probably might change that for the next one(hope not🤪 )


Bah Looks good for when I can get A new phone


I think, if you can’t do it, than leave it, maybe you suddenly pop three greats, but, if it’s been, say, months, than, just delete it, you can find more at pokestops anyway. And, if you really know that you can’t do that, then ignore it, or delete it, and, no one really cares about Ponyta (i’ve got 16 Rapidash, and no Ponyta for me is over 90% IV), and Girafang, I’m pretty sure doesn’t even evolve yet, so it’s basically for the candy and the XP, so, even if you decide to do that quest, it’s really just a matter of insta-transfer or not.


With that Quest you can only get Larvitar as an Encounter. Don’t know what Quest Girafarig rewards at, and Ponyta is a reward from the Quest ‘Spin {0} PokéStop you’ve never visited before.’


There seems to be a limit to this delete-a-task approach. I tried it for the “win 2 raids” task, after I’d had “win a raid” for a week. And the game gave me the same task the next time I spun a stop. And again. And again. It was insisting that I win 2 raids. (Which I eventually did; but I thought discovering limits to the task-avoidance feature was worth sharing here.)


Did you spin the same stop again to get another task?


Several different stops. It seemed like the same stop wouldn’t give another task at all that day, let alone a different one.