[Q&A]Which Pokemon should currently have a CP buff/nerf?


IMO Ampharos definitely deserves a buff, if not only for the difficulty of getting it and the current lack of electric Pokémon in the meta! In terms of nerfing, the elephant in the room is obviously the Blissey with it being simply the hardest Pokemon to defeat, either that or the battle time should be extended!


Definetly all starter pokemon from gen 1 and 2. Their pretty difficult to obtain and are nowhere to be found in gyms.
Same counts for psychic and ghost type pokemon, would love to see more alakazams and gengars in gyms


YES definitely Gengar! One of my favourite Pokemon! And the starters should be able to get up to 3000 max cp imo


Gengar, Umbreon (what dark pokemon are we going to use against mewtwo?), Ampharos and I would actually like to see Arcanine be great again. I am seriously disappointed in the fire pokemon. Honestly, all the gen I starters are a little sad. My Venusaur in pokemon blue was so amazing. I fully expected Venusaur to be amazing. But Gengar and Umbreon for sure. Ghost/dark type lover.


Completely agree, too many Pokemon are too far away from Dragonite and Tyranitar in terms of CP! you


comoletely agree on the starter Pokémon. I don’t know about Gengar, it is already at the top of the list for DPS, not sure how you buff it more without making it completely OP.


I think with the release of legendaries a lot of Pokémon will be getting buffs to make the game even.


I really hope so, the legendary birds have a fairly low CP though, especially articuno!


Yeah they did that to balance out the typing because articuno is super effective of 2 types against Moltres because of ice>fire and flying>Fire


Thats interesting! I think they should have made the CP of all three higher though! Articuno isn’t even above 3000 for max cp!


Yeah I know that’s why team valor all the way.


YES! Team Valor is the best!!


So many Pokemon do not get any attention after joining the pokedex. It’s a waste. Up the cp, offer high HP for those who do not have there cp. and even out blissey some how.


After using this for some training I’d love to see it get a slight buff (maybe 7 - 10%) so it would be a little more competitive in the gym meta game :slight_smile:


Idk if a specific Pokemon needs to be nerfed but rather that Pokemon be rated like in the main series games, on attributes rather than CP, that’s where the real problem is IMO. #teammysticallday


I like to believe that the new Gym Rework, will make all Pokemon or most usable in gyms (either defending or attacking). We’ll just have to wait and see.


I think all the starters need a buff. They are all are kind of disappointing for 125 candies to evolve…


I feel Electabuzz and Aerodactyl need a buff. It’d be great to see them as metas.


I think they need to make CP pointless. No need to sort Pokémons in gym by CP and then gyms will be stronger imo.


I think Blissey deserves a nerf because currently she is the primary reason we are not seeing more team and Pokémon diversity in gyms.