[Q&A] Where has Pokemon Go taken you?


What beautiful places has Pokemon Go taken you to? Post pictures, show everyone that places Pokemon Go has taken you to.


hahahaha geez
I went from Miami, FL to cda, ID and then from cda, ID to Seattle, WA hahaha


Well. Not especially Pokemon go but except Romania I was able to play in Serbia and Germany. Looking forward to other country’s.


While vacationing in LA I spent 2 days at Santa Monica. Would not have gone if not for the game. Was an amazing trip between the tourist stuff and the Pokémon


I went to a lovely little park in the next county in the first couple of weeks of gen 2 for a Cyndaquil nest… I still check what it becomes every migration looking for an excuse to visit again… Dartmouth Park in Morley, West Yorkshire :slight_smile:


Costa Rica, Orlando FL, and soon to be Munich

and a bunch of random places around the San Francisco Bay Area


As an aspiring photographer, pokemon definetely has helped me discover new shoot locations around London! Quirky spots and alleys and parks and buildings - you name it!


Such beautiful places!! Especially Croatia!!


One time i was playing pokemon go i walked for eevee in creepy silent road and it was dark and when i was walking toward my house weird dog started stalking me that was so creepy. So yea, definitely good place (sarcasm)


The most beautiful place Pokémon Go has ever taken me was head-to-head with a tree on one occasion and falling down a hill in the other. This was when I was stupid and the game first came out.