[Q&A] What Pokémon eluded you the longest before you finally got it?


For me the last thing to evolve/catch was Jumpluff back on 5th of April. Hoppips were hard to find and I doubled my collection in 2 days after getting told about a nest.
Before Gen 2 was released Snorlax was the last one. I’d got to L30 before I finally caught one than 2 days later I hatched one from a 10K egg


Unknown. A couple days ago did a 20 minute freeway pop from the discord alert to get my first.

And porygon was, WAS, elusive. From. The 10ks though, I swear they’re a common tier hatch. Uncommon at least.


I didn’t get an Aerodyctal until after 10 months of playing.


Gen 1 - Porygon comes to mind - didn’t get one of them until December '16
I got muk 2 days before gen 2 released.
I got ampharos last in gen 2.


Blastoise took me so much time. But i believe next one will be dragonite. I hope i will finally walk my 125 candies (with some help from rare candies and eggs) Oh, and i get my first Porygon from wild in one shopping centre in september of 2016 i guess. It had terrible cp, but i didn’t knew anything about it back then, i used to see him as normal, not too rare mon’!


Probably Sandslash for me, i’ve still never caught a wild Sandshrew before.


Cleffa, I still don’t have this little… emm


All the baby Pokemon. I still dont have 1 of them. Hatched plenty of eggs and nothing


I got my sandslash from eggs only - sandshrew in my area was so rare that I thought it was egg exclusive pokemon


Same here: up until December 2016 I thought it was the South American regional.


In the western US sandshrew is everywhere. In the southeast (where I live) they are almost never seen.


Gen 1 it was Tangela, Gen 2 Miltank.

My Tangela was caught at a silent street this spring. And Miltank hatched from an egg a few weeks ago.


Never seen sandshrew in UK. Seen sandslash a few times but no sandshrew


Mewtwo, still dont have that bastard, the only missing page in my dex
Otherwise, Elekid took me very long


Ampharos, I evolved it after raids started and I caught enough rare candy.


I started playing after gen 2 had been released, so excluding igglybuff, I finished my Johto Pokédex before I got my Charizard and Vileplume


I’ve only got Larvitars and one Aerodactyl (The Rock event and Easter) from events. No in the wild. To me, Tyranitar will be impossible to get. Or Hitmontop, because I haven’t hatched Tyrogue yet😕


Lapras 2 wild missed clicking on and 1 fled finally got one during kanto event while boosted