[Q&A] What Pokémon eluded you the longest before you finally got it?


My biggest one would have to be hitmonchan, haven’t come close to seeing one. But also muk and Machamp I’m still working towards


I still don’t have Hitmonlee, but the one that I finally got was Hitmonchan a few weeks ago, caught in the wild. I’m about to hit level 31 soon. I’ve had a Hitmontop since February, ironically. I didn’t know what my Tyrogue would evolve into and I didn’t care because I was missing all three. My other Tyrogue should evolve into Hitmonlee if I got it right, but I’m missing the candy right now.

I only got my first Wartortle and Graveler among a couple dozen other new dex entries in a mass evolution during the easter event. I could have had both like six months ago, but I decided to wait.


Magikarp because it had only spwaned during the water festival. Otherwise I travel 30 km to get many Magikarps.


Chansey! Took me from July to January to get one and now I’ve got 5 Blissey’s over 2700 CP! I’m convinced that the hatch rate on Chansey was buffed sometime after xmas


Until the grass event, I had never seen a Tangela anywhere. Specifically went hunting for it during the grass event and got lucky eventually. Grimer is the other one… have never seen a wild one, but got lucky to hatch 2 eggs back to back when I was on vacation and just popped my Muk yesterday at the start of the event


i think the longest anticipation for me - despite being a weird choice - due to where i live is actually pikachu! I only got one through the xmas event!!! and never to be seen ever again!!!


When Porygon has eluded me for so long and i just hatched one this morning! Now i just need region specific pokemon from gen 1 to complete it!


Tangela eluded me! I caught my first one during the grass event. I hadn’t even seen one before that and I e been playing since the first week the game came out. I named it “Elusive One”. I caught a total of 3 during the grass event. Tangela was all I was waiting for to complete my European Gen 1 Dex.


Snorlax was my last one from Gen1. Hatched from an egg during the Water event. And guess what, 5 days later I hatched my 2nd Snorlax.

Never seen one in the wild though. Like many Gen1 mons.

The other day I caught a Vaporeon in the wild. That was an exciting moment!


Porygon - Six months I needed to get it !


Hitmonlee was my last one to get for Gen 1…Couldn’t hatch one from a 10km egg and even once Tyrogue was introduced in Gen 2 and I hatched 3 of those, still didn’t go into Hitmonlee but on the 4th hatched Tyrogue, I finally got him lol


Porygon. I ended up hatching one from an egg. I walked it to evolve it. I kept thinking it would be a total waste if I ended up hatching another one. But thankfully that didn’t happen.

Oh and Muk also… I hatched 1 grimer… and I was in the process of walking it to evolution when raids came out, and then I just caught the damn thing. I’ve never seen them in the wild.


Ya Muk was tough for me to get too…I only ever hatched 1 grimer and only caught 3 or 4 wild…had to use Grimer as my buddy to get him and then shortly later, Muk got introduced in raids so wasted all that time walking Grimer lol


Funny that you mentioned this…Here’s a little story from me…went for a late night walk about a week ago or so cause I wanted to walk the 3.3km for my 10km egg.

First, I caught my first ever wild Blastoise (wasn’t a good one but still pretty sweet). Literally 5 mins later, I caught my 2nd ever wild Vaporean CP 1526 (I know crazy right)

Then I was 2 mins away from home and I FINALLY hatched my first ever Snorlax with an IV of 96%.

I’d say not bad for a 1 hour late night walk! lol


Yanma! I got my first one last week. That was my 233rd Pokemon, I’ve only caught Lugia since. Now I’m only missing Moltres and Unown from my region.


Believe it or not, I didn’t get my Butterfree until just 2 days ago… and I was level 27…and I’ve been playing since launch.


It took me a year to catch my first Dragonite and hatch my first Lapras.


It took me until level 34 to get my first Gengar! I started my account after the Haloween event, and Gastlies have been very elusive for me. I ended up getting it in a raid. Good thing they had raids, or I would still be walking mine!


I’m level 34 now and I the only one I still need is aerodactyl…
I’ve been hatching so many 10km eggs but I’m still out of luck


I never got a Kabuto until the Rock Event. Now I have 3 Kabutops.