[Q&A] What phone do you play on?


i use ASUS ZENFONE 3 ,worlds best phone ever!! i highly recommend it


It think it should be only 5.5 inches. You will be able to choose 6/8 RAM and 64/128 GB of memory.

Starting price should be $479, so probably €479 in Europe.


Thanks for the info! 5 days left :slight_smile:


Moto G4 since September. Works pretty well, battery stand about 2/3 hours while playing.
The only issues is that sometimes phone lag and became hot, you need to close PoGo and wait about 5/10 minutes.


So, are you guys buying the new 1+5? :slight_smile:


I’m on a Lenovo P2. Camera is crap, but you just can’t beat that battery life. :grin:


Still pretty happy with my 1+3, so I probably won’t buy the 5 right away. Probably gonna do the same I did before: Skip one Generation and wait for the 1+6. I never got the 2 either and went straight from my 1 to the 3.


Haha awesome your work came through clutch!


Moto G4, which I think has most of the advantages of the most expensive phones, for a very reasonable price. I typed in ‘best value smartphone’, and it was the first one in the list. When I bought it off Amazon, it had more than 800 reviews and 4.5 stars. I never leave the house without my portable power bank charger though. Takes all the worry out of running out of juice, and means you can keep the brightness turned up. Happy days.


I just ordered my OnePlus 5 :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I used the LG Flex 2 and despite being very good I could not play because it got pretty warm.
Now I have half the weaker Samsung J320 and somehow I’m going …
What are your experiences? Best buy?

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1+5 came yesterday and it’s awesome <3 <3


I got an Apple iPHONE but still annoyed that it costs like 1.08 here in NY for a 99 cent Pokemon coin transaction. Its small but it adds up.


Used to play on my Samsung note 3 till nianntic got stupid and decided a tripped Knox meant a rooted phone and thus obviously a cheater. Bunch of morons. Anyway now I play on a Samsung galaxy tab s2 or a spare Sammy j1 both hot spoted to my note 3s hotspot.


Started last year on my old S4 but got the S7 Edge in December. Like night and day!


Hi, I am thinking about buying a new phone. Now I have a Xiaomi Redmi 3 1.7GHZ & 2GB of RAM and when I am in the city center (100.000 people) it lags like hell. When I started searching I instantly landed on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global (I need 800mhz LTE) Octa-core 2GHZ & 4GB of RAM, then I landed my eyes on the ASUS ZenFone 2, Quad-Core 2.3GHZ & 4GB of RAM. But, I need help from you guys. I don’t know what is more important for Pokémon GO, CPU or RAM (I use messenger with Pokémon GO) And are CPU cores important for Pokémon GO? (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 [4100mah] ASUS ZenFone [3000mah] )
Thanks In advance.


How do I get a promo code
I m unable to get one


I have a Huawei P8 Lite, it’s a great phone but Pokemon GO lags and destroys my battery even with battery saver enabled…


Anyone played Pogo on a Samsung J7 Prime? Adequate or not?
I’m thinking of getting one as a backup device as they are quite cheap at at the moment. It will be used purely for Pogo nothing else. No AR function but who cares, I’ve never used it in the game and have no need to.

My normal Phone is an iPhone 6s (work phone, I have no costs) which I’m happy with as don’t have my phone bogged down with music, videos and social media. I’d like to get another as the backup but I could buy one and a half J7 Primes v another iPhone 6s.


I play on an Apple iPad mini, works fine, but there are a few quirks. As of a few weeks ago, I can no longer launch lucky eggs. Anyone else have this problem? I try tapping, swiping, nothing works. This happened AFTER I bought 25 of them from the shop.
Another downside to using the iPad is that a strip of the image is cut off on the bottom, probably due to the form factor of the screen (relatively wider than most phones). This becomes a problem when trying to catch a Raid boss - the number of white balls available shows in the bottom right corner for folks playing on cell phones, but it is truncated on the iPad screen.