[Q&A] Move reroll or TM/HM items?


Would your preference be to have the move reroll system implemented in the game or to acquire TM/HM items to teach your Pokemon certain moves as in the original games?


TM/HM!! I really miss not being able to choose moves for my pokemon. I would love this option. At least not all dragonite etc would have the same attacks this way! Is this something you guys think might actually be in the works?


they’re definitely working on something to replace moves, the Pokemon go twitter replied to a user the other day saying that they were aware of the issue so I assume they are working on it! In what form though I have no idea


TM/HM items might prove to be way to OP. On the other hand if you need 50 candy tp reroll abilities for a Tyranitar i guess it would limit the over power part.


Yes exactly and they could be of a similar drop rate to special items with a one time use only, would be very useful and valuable items


Based on the differences in this game vs main series games, I would like to see the move re-roll be some combination of candy, gym battling and the buddy system. That would stick with the theme of keeping people active while helping to develop interesting in certain Pokémon and build a team.


Also having to walk with it or battle with it to be able to reroll its abilitis would actually strengthen the bond that is so sought after in the main series game. Nice ideea!!!


I like the idea that we can re-roll for candies. It completely removes the disappointment you get when evolving something and it turns out with the worst moveset possible, while maintaining interest and hard work for the Trainer. You would have to constantly gain candies by either hatching, catching, or walking (buddy).


Mystic7 would still get bite and crunch :joy:


I would like to see TM/HM with drop rate like evolution items + candy.
Your Pokémon could learn some moves he usually doesn’t have and some Pokemon might not be useless then.


Also many normal typed pokemon will be able to learn moves they otherwise wouldnt be able to and dragonite would be able to learn all types of moves, fire, water and earth based moves, would bring an incredible variety to the game other than the same standard movesets we have now!