[Q&A] How many/which Shinies do you have?



Shiny Magikarp Yes
Shiny Gyarados Yes
Shiny Pichu No
Shiny Pikachu yes
Shiny Raichu yes
Shiny Sableye no
Shiny Shuppet yes
Shiny Banette yes
Shiny Duskull no
Shiny Dusklops no
Shiny Mawile (Raid only)no
Shiny Absol (Raid only)yes
Shiny Snorunt no
Shiny Glalie no
Shiny Aron yes
Shiny Lairon yes
Shiny Aggron yes
Shiny Swablu yes
Shiny Altaria yes
Shiny Luvdisc no
Shiny Poochyena no
Shiny Mightyena no
Shiny Dratini yes
Shiny Dragonair yes
Shiny Dragonite yes
Shiny Lugia (Raid only) yes
Shiny Magby (Egg only)no
Shiny Magmar no
Shiny Togepi (Egg only)no
Shiny Togetic no
Shiny Wynaut (Egg only)no
Shiny Wobbuffet no
Shiny Bulbasaur yes
Shiny Ivysaur yes
Shiny Venusaur yes
Shiny Murkrow no
Shiny Mareep yes
Shiny Flaaffy yes
Shiny Ampharos yes
Shiny Wailmer no
Shiny Wailord no
Shiny Makuhita no
Shiny Hariyama no
Shiny Meditite yes
Shiny Medicham yes
Shiny Ho-Oh yes
Shiny Charmander yes
Shiny Charmeleon yes
Shiny Charizard yes
Shiny Kabuto no
Shiny Kabutops no
Shiny Omanyte no
Shiny Omastar no
Shiny Aerodactyl no
Shiny Shellder no
Shiny Cloyster no
Shiny Kyogre no
Shiny Larvitar yes
Shiny Pupitar yes
Shiny Tyranitar yes
Shiny Roselia yes(8×)
Shiny Articuno yes
Shiny Squirtle (w/wo sunglasses) yes
Shiny Wartortle (w/wo sunglasses) yes
Shiny Blastoise (w/wo sunglasses)yes
Shiny Plusle yes
Shiny Minun yes
Shiny Zapdos yes
Shiny Houndour no
Shiny Houndoom no
Shiny Snubbull no
Shiny Granbull no
Shiny Eevee yes
Shiny Vaporeon yes
Shiny Flareon yes
Shiny Jolteon yes
Shiny Umbreon yes
Shiny Espeon yes
Shiny Natu yes
Shiny Xatu yes
Shiny Sunkern no
Shiny Sunflora no
Shiny Pineco yes
Shiny Forretress yes
Shiny Wingull yes
Shiny Pelipper yes
Shiny Growlithe no
Shiny Arcanine no
Shiny Moltres no
Shiny Geodude yes
Shiny Graveler yes
Shiny Golem yes
Shiny Grimer no
Shiny Muk no
Shiny Chikorita yes
Shiny Bayleaf yes
Shiny Meganium yes
Shiny Krabby no
Shiny Kingler no
Shiny Drowzee yes
Shiny Hypno yes
Shiny Nidoran F no
Shiny Nidorina no
Shiny Nidoqueen no
Shiny Shinx no
Shiny Luxio no
Shiny Luxray no
Shiny Beldum yes
Shiny Metang yes
Shiny Metagross
Shiny Drifloom no
Shiny Drifblim no
Shiny Pinser no
Shiny Cubone no
Shiny Marowak no
Shiny Ponyta no
Shiny Rapidash no
Shiny Budew no
Shiny Cyndaquil yes
Shiny Quilava yes
Shiny Typhlosion yes
Shiny Elekid no
Shiny Electabuzz no
Shiny Electivire no
Shiny Misdreavus (NEW) no
Shiny Sandshrew (Japan only)no
Shiny Sandlash (Japan only) no


dont have enough to make a good list


best thing was 2 shiny minun and 1 shiny plusle in one day


Outside events/cd my only shiny is Aron I have a shiny aggron also
and I have another one still as an Aron


Sandshrew isn’t only japan anymore


Too many to list, but here’s a chart:




3 or 4 shiny totodiles last community day!:grinning:


Got 47 Shinies.



How did you do that?


Its been like 12 boxes for me


143 different shinies.
Still need to transfer 1 treeko from our backup account to my main after i cleaned house and deleted one too many(deleted like 100+ double shinies 3 weeks ago), so basically i got 144.
Edit: i also still can evolve leafeon and glaceon shiny, but i’m not in the mood for spending coins on that yet. Gonna see if CD gives me some free lures to evolve, and otherwise gonna use backup account coins.


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Now I have 95 Shinies


116 different species shiny in my box


I have a total of 204, 205 or 206 Shinies right now. Not sure how many of them were different species.


I have 95 Shinies from over 58000 Pokémon caught. I love it how people complain every event that they aren’t catching any Shinies. Duh, that’s why they are so rare!




Yes, I meant ‘of’:slightly_smiling_face: