[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


First day Go Fest :star_struck:


Out of 8 hours of constant lures up, this is the only hundo I get…a repeat. XD



Hubby had a MUCH BETTER day. He got this same hundo since we were sitting next to each other and it was a wild spawn, he got a purified hundo Mewtwo, and he got a Ferroseed from Incense.


Both these on the Friday before GoFest.

Can’t help myself, if I see Dratini in sightings I just have to go get it for the Pinap Candy. So glad I can’t help myself sometimes.

Later that night call out on Discord for a 100% only 2mins around the corner from home. Got a big surprise once clicked on. This will look great MAXed out in Gold.



He purified the Mewtwo?!


GoPlus surprise


This sweet little thing just hatched from a 7km egg. :laughing:


First Galar hundo! :smiley:

EDIT: Speaking of regional-variant hundos:



A research reward worth keeping…


Lundo from the cat. (He got a 96% lucky Gible)


Didn’t pay any attention to the CP when it hatched and thought just another trade away like the many before it.
Pleasant surprise when checked hours latter.


I was QUITE shocked to see this pop up.


Was quite shocked to hatch this one! That makes 165, which means it’s time for another montage! Staraptor’s time has come!


Some fun facts:

  • 15 Pokemon later, Water-types have taken a slim lead with 28 total, with Normal-types just behind at 27. Fairy and Ghost remain tied for last at 5 each.
  • Kanto still dominates the representation with 51 species. Hoenn struggles to keep up with 39. Until today, Hoenn almost didn’t make new representation.
  • 107 have been caught in the wild.
  • 32 have been hatched from eggs.
  • 15 have been caught from Research Tasks.
  • 6 were caught in Raids.
  • 5 were Purified from Team GO Rocket.


Third Psychic-type in a row.

EDIT: Make that four in a row:

EDIT2: Discord peeps pull through again with now six Psychic-types in a row (Starmie is a Psychic-type):

EDIT3: One random raid later…


One of my weather boosted Deoxys has a pretty good IV. :smiley:
It would have an inferiority complex, too, if it knew I really wanted a shiny. :cry:


In my work office this morning.


So I got the Hundo - almost Shundo (Shadow & Hundo) Jormdeworm today. Lol. It’ll probably be a Weedle until December.