[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


O LAWD that totally beats my perfect Delibird.


I also have a 100% Spinda, which is quite the novelty. lol


Me too! I wasn’t even trying for it!


Have you Powered it up to the MAX L40?
My most Prized Pokemon are my L40 100% Ditto and my L40 100% Shuckle.


Not yet, but I plan to. lol


I have 100% Spinda and Shuckle too! :smile: Maybe some hundos are more common than others?.. :face_with_monocle::man_shrugging:


Apparently I had this waiting in my Research queue.


My prized hundo is my Chimecho


Hatched a perfect Torchic, which is bittersweet since I already maxed out a 97.8% Blaziken. lol


Hold off for hope that we will get another holiday Community Day. That Blast Burn is so good.


Yeah, I’m assuming we will get another CD like last year where they bring them all back. :smiley:


Praying we will get the older moves as well, my 93% Shiny Charmander is nervous


Hear hear. I’m hoping if I hatch a great Beldum, I can take advantage of that. I have my doubts that will happen though.


First Johto hundo in about six months.


Found this cleaning up catches from on the way to work today.

Evolved straight away.

They remind me of a 70-80’s Rock Band



You should see its Shiny. It looks like Destiny’s Child got back together.


Got a hundo masked blue standy-up dog thing from a pinky 7km egg this afternoon…


Braved the rain to get this when someone on my Discord said it was nearby.



Yesterday, I was just Shiny checking and accidentally caught a Shellder. Guess what, it turned out to be a Hundo later.