[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


And the other half just got this one from a trade… :slightly_frowning_face: Needless to say I’ve never had this much luck… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Just hatched a 100% Torchic. I don’t plan on evolving it until its Community Day, that way I can take advantage of both Blast Burn and Focus Blast.


Blast burn blaiziken will have the hoghest dps out of any fire type including heatran


Got this from a trade earlier today.


Heatran doesnt have that great fire DPS


After seeing neither a shiny, nor an iv100 for weeks, I hatched a 100 … Numel.

Basically worthless novelties, as with the other 100’s (Duskull and Magmar). I still hope to find a 100 whose Poke-species is good for combat.


Nice! Where did you find that Zangoose? (like, what country)


In the last week I had two or three Zangoose every day here in Valencia, Spain.


Still nothing more than a novelty dex-slot filler for me; but my newer trainer didn’t start until after they region-swapped with Seviper a year ago, and seeing the Santa bird again lately made me wonder if the Zangoose would make an encore visit to California for the holidays. (it seemed like both disappeared around here about the same time)


I found it in Serbia.


Wow. Not only is that too far away for me to visit, it’s way too big to search even if I could get there. But thanks for satisfying my curiosity! (And congrats on the 100-iv regional.)


They could switch them again


When they switched them over so quickly the first time I had a thought they might switch them over 6 monthly or even Seasonaly but that never eventuates.
Pity as it would be a great idea to have all Reigonal switch over with the change of seasons or every 3months.


A surprise 100%


Today again a Zangoose in my backyard…


I never find 100% always high 90s


I dont even find those lol, always have to raid/hatch/get a lucky


I caught 100% from the wild more than from raid or egg hatch


Aipom is my only hundo that I know
I haven’t checked all of my Pokemon but I did most of them. I always Iv check my Pokemon after catching ever since I learnt what Iv is. But maybe before I knew that I caught a hundo and didn’t know that!