[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


His proof is here


What’s the magic word :wink:


Also there needs to be a screencap posted in the appropriate thread here


Can post xp here Share your XP official Megathread


Is it please?


Caught a 100% Whismer on the Go Plus last night 400m from home.


Mawile was like 10 mins ago.

Edit: I might have a 100 IV Dratini somewhere in my research rewards, as the 100 if for the dratini is 430, and i think i saw it at 430 when i encountered it, then I ran away.


A while back I posted about my better half having a 100% Vileplume which I was jealous of. Well sorting through my catches this morning while at the markets waiting for a coffee & came across this…!!! :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:


Well, I posted him yesterday in the Deoxys topic, but here he has a nice place as well…


And I always thought it was 99%:triumph: Until I was wondering today how it could ever be 99%…


It could b 98%.


No it’s a 100%.


Yeah, that makes sense.


My mother got a Buneary lately…
and a RAIKOU…


Its time for a good legendary, cant they just cut Cress short and throw in Heatran or something?


I still don’t have Cress nor did I get Giratina.


Keep this on topic please. This topic is about perfect IVs not about what legendaries are available or that we haven’t caught.




Also chuffed with this girl. My 1st traded 100%er. Happy I’ve got another one because I failed to evolve my last one into a 100% Espeon somehow… :unamused: (it was a while ago)


Got this today.