[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?


i’d settle for just one more legendary 100% IV. All i have is my Ho-Oh i caught in december 2017, today exactly 11 months ago. Only seen 1 more 100% legendary since then, a freaking Ho-Oh on its last return. didn’t catch it.

So, 1 more legendary and then i’ll see what’s next. Any other 100% is just meh untill then.


What is a Rain Lord?


Politoed. From gen 5 forward it has drizzle as its hidden/dream world ability




If this one was shiny :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


finally got another one. It is from a quest! First 100% iv for me from a quest


My Quest one was a Krabby


Just got a 100% magikarp from a quest yesterday. Wish it was shiny as well, that would have been the icing on the cake.


Don’t we all.


Not me…


I just cant believe, it spawned at my house just now :heart_eyes:


House spawns are great

And @thinger95 and @Lingyujie have awesome home locations


This is my 2nd hundo I caught at my house, as I mentioned few times I have 4-5 spawn points exactly where I live, but ditto, man Ive been chasing it for so long :sweat_smile:


Power that bad boy up until it looks like this.


Nice :+1:


Hell yeah, if not lack of dust itd be already maxed :sweat_smile:


I have 4-5 spawn points also


Anyone get any 100% Cyndaquils? I had a 98% Quilava that I got Blast Burn on, only Blast Burn.


Any one on here have a Maxed out 100% Shuckle?
I’ve been itching to do something silly and max out one of my 100%ers.


I have 3 spawn spot at my house