[Q&A] 1v1 predictions and preparation


First of all, let me thanks the Go Hub admins for their absolutely incredible work and for the invit here 

2 Things :

  • How do you see the future of PvP and most importantly, when do you guys think we will get the 1v1? Seeing the incoming gym limitations, I guess we will get limitations in 1v1 aswell, such as no more than 1 pokemon of the same species and 1 or 2 “switch” during battles. I can’t wait anymore to show everyone who has the biggest… team :wink:

  • What would be your roster (3 and 6 monsters)? Mine would be: Dragonite Blissey and Vaporeon in the first case, and Ampharos, Tyranitar and Snorlax in addition :slightly_smiling_face:


I think PvP will be releasing during the Q4 since they will probably release legendary during Q3 (one year anniversary). Also PvP will be offline too so you will need to be near someone to battle (same as trading)
I have about 10 Pokemons that i am so ready to use: Tyranitar, Snorlax, Dragonite, Blissey, Vaporeon, Heracross
I’m so looking forward to PvP :smiley:


Aw yeah same as trading. Its a good point : Avoid spoofers, and organize IRL contest :sunglasses:
Q4 is so far, feels bad man.
Yep the hype is real !!


@iZusanoo How’s Heracross ?


its 69% IV but I can say that i have one :smiley:
oh yea terrible moveset too lmao


Still lucky to have one :smile:


I know right. thats what I keep telling myself


I think gyms have to be changed in order to play pvp. There has to be more that just tapping to win with high cp Pokémons.


Yea I agreed with you on that


I hope they somehow let you pick your 6 Pokémon that you’re going to battle with and have them separate from all of your other Pokémon like in the game boy games. I think that would be a really cool idea being able to swap out your 6 Pokémon and “walk around with them” like the old days.


Every time I hear talk about the Gym rework, I somehow hope for something radically different. Maybe like the main series games, where there were trainers at the gyms instead of a stack of Pokemon. If you worked your way into the GYM you would get to leave a team. Six Pokemon for the GYM leader, five for the next highest ranked trainer below, and so on. Would be way more fun to get to choose a team for people to attack, rather than just leave a Ryhorn in your nearest church’s parking lot. I wonder if Niantic is planning to host 1 v 1 battles at Gyms as well, and not allow people to just play via bluetooth connection. Nobody seems to mention that also. Maybe I am just hoping for too much, but I think that we will at least get more info about the update soon.


Before we can talk about PvP, I would like to see some non damaging moves introduced. With these a lot of now not viable pokemon could get a chance on getting on the fighting 6.Sleep, Poison, etc etc.


Having some defensive moves would add so much depth to the game. You would actually be able to have strategy vs just smashing buttons.


Assuming PvP isn’t just going to be both players spamming the dodge function, coverage moves may actually have a purpose. Fire Blast on Slowking, Steel Wing on Dragonite (when more Fairies are released), Wild Charge on Arcainine, etc. They’re a very important part of competitive play in the main series games and I imagine they’ll be useful - perhaps even desired - eventually.


im just excited for more in game features but I seriously hope that trading comes this summer and im willing to wait for PVP honestly - Im more of a collector than a test of power kind of guy


just think of 2 trainers both using Maximum hardness on Metapod - pvp until timer runs out - there better be a time countdown otherwise shit thats gonna go on forever LOL


You got my upvote there. Wait, this is not 9GAG ?


I’m so excited to battle people! I’m still a noob but the anticipation is immense :smiley:


Me too dude, can’t wait !! :grin: