PVP league medals



I’ve only won 2 of those matches so far


Played like one match lol



Got some rewards to unlock. :smiling_imp:


12 so far. Me and mine mainly just do Master League, but the occasional random battle I do with someone else seems to love Ultra League. They usually don’t rebattle after facing down my Blastoise. Even Mewtwo couldn’t take it down.


I notice that. Win or lose i love to battle and a rematch is always sent. I’ll battle till phone dies. Just hard to find people who want to go a series.


Me and mine do our three for the day and then take a break. We’re in it for the Stones. XD




I’m up to 64.


I’ve barely done any pvp


I’m almost to silver on Master League, halfway to silver on Great League, but still have long way to go for Ultra. But I’m in no hurry to unlock clothes that I still would have to spend coins on to get.


WoW. I am not even at silver :joy:

Pick a challenge!

Me too


i let the jacket speak