PVP Awesome Infographic



From Go hub.


Cool. I was wondering if you were going to have to use potions or revives after fights.


They are making it perfect. No reason to not battle.


I’ll finally get my Ace Trainer gold badge!


And to think we thought it would go away…


I was thinking to stock up on max revive because I dont know if partially healed Pokémon will be allowed to join Trainer Battle. This turned out to be no healing items needed after Trainer Battle. So what not keep training/battling with team leaders and get gold Ace Trainer badge ASAP.


I’m just wondering how the in-game communication works, will it show an online status on the friend list so we know which friends are playing?


Also, can we battle all 3 team leaders or only the own team’s?


All three but only one a day gives rewards


All I know that if someone challenges you, you get a large in game pop up.


Nice, will each of them use different type of Pokémon?


You get pop up when your game is opened, otherwise how?


And the battles will be great, not to easy but not too hard


And while you are playing it still pops up


What if I am not playing


Is it out?


Not yet. Check your Nearby screen every once in awhile to see when it shows up.


I’m gonna go crazy sooner or later…


Then no, but you might get a notification, “BossLapras33 challenged you to a battle!”


There was a rumour that it was gonna be deleted. Which i would say got cancelled after the fact they kept it after the rumoured update and was never again said it would taken away.