Profile Pic Craziness!


Well, I know this will close soon, for non-pokemon related posts, I’m sorry. But I challenge all of you to make your prof pic the weirdest you can. Then take over the forum by posting on all the topics you can see in the main screen. Then screenshot it, and post it here. I’ll go first.


That’s cool


XD thanks


I think my dog reacting to my fart was funny enough. I only changed it for Team Rocket Day.


Haha that’s what that’s a pic of?


So that’s why he looks like that


Yes. He was like, “What was that?”


Poor dog


That’s great


Do you only have one dog?


No he has about 16




I’m just joking I don’t know


Oh, i was like WHAT THE HECK?!?!!?!?!??!?!


No. Here’s the other one in back window of my car.


That’s random


I like this one it looks lazy in a good way I like my animals to be lazy one of my dog’s is so fat she doesn’t choose to move much and when she plays with the other dog she gets stuck on her back like a turtle it’s funny to watch her try to get back on her feet


XD I have a pet bunny and a pet turtle


Between me and my wife we have three dogs 5 cats 40 chickens three ducks and one armadillo


Ok, I can’t get pics srry