Problems while connecting gotcha


So on my old phone i stared using gotcha because for some reason go+ doesn´t like him. Now the old phone died and i bought a Xiaomi Redmi 5A , and now its vice versa-.- Go+ works(tested with a friend’s go+) but gotcha doesnt(i have it now cuz i sold go+ ). Is there any way to connect this? ;_;


Sorry about the trouble. I have a gotcha but I have only used it with Samsung Galaxy phones. I had an S6 but the game was really slow and sluggish. I upgraded several months back to an S8. With both, though, I never had a problem with the gotcha working but there are times I have to close the game, turn bluetooth off and back on, re-open the game and re-connect. What do you mean the gotcha doesn’t work? Does the phone “see” the gotcha–i.e. Bluetooth settings? Have you checked under FAQ?


on gotcha and go+ i need to pair first before i open the game and add it , go + works there, but gotcha keeps spining and doesnt connect


For me, I never paired it through Android directly but through the game. Go to the link in my previous post, click FAQ, and read the part about “My Go-tcha will not pair with my device” (make sure you start fresh by having Android forget the gotcha). I don’t own a go+ but follow the steps in that FAQ. It is how I paired it with my Galaxy S6 and S8.


Its working for now xD
I was able to connect it but sometimes it crashes(normal), what i done was: Remove the gotcha from game, clear cache and restarted the phone, after that pair as u said and it worked


Thanks for the update. Yeah, unfortunately, you will continue to have crashes like that. I don’t know if it is the OS (Android) or programming–i.e. it is like the game doesn’t handle multitasking that well. The game is much more stable if I do not use my gotcha. Still, there are times when I touch the screen (to select a pokestop or a gym) and the game freezes. I have to close the game and sometimes the Android message appears. I still have issues where the game will not connect to the gotcha the first time. The 2nd time, though, it always connects. Anyway, again, thanks for the update.