Problems for Android 5 & 6 users!


Since the update 0.163.0 is forced a flood of reports about crashing issue for Pokemon go. Users of Android 5 or 6 experience crashes. Niantic is aware, but no fix has been rolled out so far.

If someone found a fix or work around, please share!


Android 5 and 6, yeez. Those are pretty damn old devices! Even my 4 year old phone runs on Android 8!


I know but it is still substantial because I’ve multiple reports.


I’ve checked my workphone: a Samsung Galaxy S6. It’s introduced almost 5 years ago by now and in a time Samsung was one of the worst updaters of all phone builders. Even this one runs Android 7. Probably people run into this problem on their extra accounts and not on their main phone.


It’s not problems, Niantic probably discontinued those devices. Like they did with Iphone5 and Iphone 5S.


If so, they would not mention that problem as being investigated. So no, they are not discontinued.


Yeah, my phone is stuck on a load screen. Has been since yesterday. My phone is a 6.


A patch was just released that is supposed to fix it.


A-ha! Now it works. :slight_smile:


They also fixed the IV-search system (with the 4* stuff).


They actually fixed that one in the .1 update, but apparently THAT update broke the Android version. -_-