Prepare for Gen 4!



I will switch


Yes I am wondering why they chose Hello Kitty for the month of October, seems like a bad choice, Hello Kitty doesn’t scream Halloween, they clearly made a mistake and should have released Hello Kitty during the spring months. :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Wasn’t talking about that but okay :sweat_smile::joy:


Oh I know, I’m just being witty


I got that :wink:


Should I go buy at least 2 happy meals to get both toys in October? :thinking:


I will :wink:


Gotta ask which toy they have before buying the meal.


:joy: If I remember correctly a couple years back i was doing the same thing and I got the girls toy :man_facepalming:.

They always arent good (my opinion).


I think i would go twice in October.


I can eat 3 happy meals with ease. :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t know if it will be in the Netherlands.


Just check, not in the Netherlands. We got this…:


I got the one with the minion and that other guy.


What is that


Rubiks cubes from animation movies.


I never order a Happy meal because I’m a realy big eater (fast metabolics). If there were Pokémon toys the Happy meal would serve as side dish :rofl:


Same about the metabolics but happy meals are awesome


Yeah, at least twice to collect both toys


Going to santa monica what about you @mew1


Minions, nice, I used to collect minions toys from McDonald’s happy meals