Prepare for Gen 4!



In one of the next versions of Gen 4, Community GO News, a dataminer, has found Gen 4!!!

All the information I’m getting is for future versions.
The last version that I took out was 1 week ago and it was 0.119.2 of Pokemon GO.
Now, I can not confirm if in that or the next one.
But Generation IV, is included!

He also found these:

For a link to his twitter, here:

Prepare for Gen 4, everyone, and I will post his tweets here!!!

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Check out the twitter.


Chomp is getting closer and closer!


Just hope hw wont get Draco Meteor, I dont want a Chain Chomp


Yep, @SnivyStar and @Necrozmadabest I just added his tweet.

But Chomp is coming, and we will know the Ultra Bonus and new moves soon!


You want Outrage, right???


Chomp chomp chomp


I want to get Giratina!


Yup, Mud Slap/Dragon Tail and Outrage/Dig
I dont care about the last one, might be Draco for all I care



Or maybe a new dragon move??


Like dragon claw?



but isnt that in the game??


Ye bit legacy move for dragonite only gotta go see ya


@system just edited my post


Gen 4 hype!!!




Outrage is the best current Dragon move innthe game and I dont think we can get anything for Chomp tbh


Ya , Outrage is awesome.


Again thank you for the awesome breaking news from the one the only @Pokemon