Prepare for disappointment after go fest


I as much as anyone want a mewtwo or any legendary mon during or after go fest but do you really think niantic will be wanting us all to have these super rare Pokemon?
I reckon to catch rate is going to be miniscule, your thoughts leave your comments below :frowning:


My feeling is that legendary raids will need FAR more trainers to take down (50k - 75k CP so minimum of 15-20 trainers per raid required) and will be virtually impossible to catch without a master ball. It is going to be tough!


Aside from collection/pokedex purposes, the legendaries will essentially be useless. I mean, they found in the code that you can’t even put them in gyms! (And even if you were able to place legendaries in gyms, with the 3000 CP rule, Mewtwo’s massive CP will be reduced to 500 after a couple hours!)


Has there been anything found to prevent them from being used as a Raid Boss counter?


just bring six dittos in to fight them in a raid


I can imagine giving us the legendary birds or the gen 2 legendaries, but giving legendaries like mewtwo, mew,… at certain niantic events. Might be the difference between legendary and mythical in the latest update data mining. Time will tell.


Having those beasts will be extremely valueable. Just because you can’t put them in gyms doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use them to battle gyms, to do raids, and later in in PvP battles.

Besides that, there are tons of useless Pokémon in the pokede that people get excited about catching so even if you can’t use them in gyms it’s still exciting.