Pre walk Eevee before CDs?


If Last Resort is similar to the last CD’s Hydro Cannon, when weather boosted, Espeon with Last Resort would have highest neutral DPS although not dealing super effective against any type. If LR will get nerfed before CDs, we still have a choice of not evolving eevee in the CD’s. Should we pre walk a good IV eevee to prepare for such Espeon? Comment?


Man, I prewalked 2 90%+ Eevees, but I kinda regret it. I hoped every eeveelution would get a different exclusive move. The way I like my moves it super effective or go home!
Gonna evolve just one because I like to keep a collection of CDays, but I’ll be just hunting shinies and catching stardust.


The thing is, there are no moves that could be used


We will always remember larvitar CD…:sweat_smile:


Played like a madman that day. Pinap berries were on fire


How many smack down ttar do you have and how many shiny larvitar did you get


3 with decent IVs, 3 shinies (I gave a few to the professor).
This Eevee CD will be a calm stroll in the park.


" A Walk In The Park" Pokemon Go Fest 2017


I already walked eevee and evolved them into Espeon and Umbreon this week. Going to have to do shiny the same thing.


I don’t need anymore strong Eevees or candy. I’m ready for Gen 4 Eevees. Shinies will be nice but they will just take up precious Pokemon storage space.


I have 100 spots saved for eevee


The stat for Last Resort is out, it is a medicore move, most likely just hunting for shines and stardust, evolve shinies later on


I have like 0 spots saved. I wanna play Pokemon go but I’m just HUBBING!


Ya that’s what I will do thank you.


sounds like everyone evolving on tuesday :sweat_smile:


Yeah, we are professional on the game :joy:


Just to avoid using TMs gotta out smart Niantic


Yeah, especially don’t waste precious CTM


I think so


Its not like any Eeveelutions bar Espeon are actually good tho