Post your trades


Post trades you have done. Post pokemon you have gotten from trades.

I’m such a nice friend, trading rare mon for anything. s/o Youngscrap for the Lapras


I’ve traded for an Arcanine Starmie Lugia electrode Emporium Arcanine and Starmie be lucky


Maypril 2017 caught, hopend to get a lucky. Sadly no lucky, but iv’s became 50-60% instead of 40%


You could have kept them for people with no Heracross they would give u good stuff maybe


I had only one left. Traded the other two for tauros and tropius when trading was introduced


Who is that , that went to florida with you?


Yeah like me lol


My mother lol






i don’t always trade but when i do its always something amazing!
40K dust and worth it!


Congrats bro


I am not going to make that mens again lol
“I dont always trade pokemon
But when i do, x”