Post your Spinda



If it helps you then sure


Only keeping one of each.


This Spinda has never been powered up, it is caught as it is from research, but could not check its IV due to no combination of its CP, HP and stardust required to power up.

All other Spinda are under 466 CP which is the max CP for Spinda at level 15.

This unique Spinda is so special!


Glitched @Mew1


I am not sure, all stat stay like this since caught



It might have been a screw-up or just a general change of spinda’s.
What I’ve read somewhere is that every Pokémon that comes out new (this kind of is) has its stats reworked. Then Niantic will eventually do the rework that went wrong last time on all Pokémon already out.

I was trying to find it, but to much I can’t. I think it was on the Readit of the Silph road.


I looked in the charts of the Hub. 501 cp does exist as a lvl 17 73.33%.
Might be more;


@MrHeineken88, thank you very much for your time and effort researching about this special Spinda. I would keep it for now due to its uniqueness


@MrHeineken88, after CP re-balance, my other Spinda stats change, only this one remains the same, so I thought this Spinda was rewarded during temporary CP re-balance last month. And it was caught after that.


It could be that that one was rebalanced on release.


Yes indeed, it turned out it is 84% at best.


My first Spinda in a long time.


I have been putting Spinda 1 and 7 in the gyms a lot lately.


Spinda number 6


I got half of them so far…



I knew I was missing one but I got an extra of another, so I know can do trade. I’m Ultra Friends with most people on my local Discord. Too bad I’m only Ultras with like 4 people here for PvP purposes.


Anyone got Spinda nr 5? I still don’t.

And just found this, 12 new forms ready to go:


Took me until the 25th Jan to find the research - then until after the gen 3 event (the return of Mr. Mime and easy great throws) to get the 5 great curves in a row.
Very pleased to keep the set going! :sweat_smile: