Post your Spinda




The last picture looks like the drunken is vomiting.


All my Spindas are drunk. All the time.


Mmmm, he is. I drew it in and chucked (excuse the pun) carrots and corn, because there’s always carrots and corn :face_vomiting:


The grossest thing ever is when one of my dogs pukes. Then the other one comes over and eats it.


Yeah :sob:




My rewards are still stacked. If I have spare one, I could trade you






I don’t even think I want all 8 Spindas because it takes up too much storage space for such a worthless Pokemon.


So far I keep 3 of the highest IV because the first one, form 8, was so rare that I had 3


I only keep 1 of each number.



??? What


Have you run from the Quest and stacked it to do later? @Jormdeworm
That’s the only explanation I have for the Seen-Caught differential. 1 would be explained by seeing one in Gym before you catch one. Quest Pokemon don’t dust off. They are a guaranteed catch eventually.


Yeah, that’s what happened. It happened to me with Celebi as well. Still strange though, if I stack it up, it’s one and the same Spinda. But I can live with it.


I’m having no luck with spinda whatsoever. It’s been 42 days since I found one.

Maybe @Mew1 can trade me one in the future but then again it’s not a dex entry.


I am gradually clearing my stacked research rewards, if I have spare one (very likely), I will trade you one. Do you want more than one? :smirk: