Post your Spinda



So it seems like the Niantic does some recycling… :stuck_out_tongue: (new cycle is not added yet)


But at least its shiny


To bad this is my least favorite color of the shiny. Still looks like they had a holiday at Chernobyl…


Unless my eyes are deceiving me, that shiny Spinda is also a new pattern…
Anyhoo mine was a non-shiny no.8… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Oops… just read the link on MrHeineken’s post. My bad!..
But seriously, shiny Spinda’s with the same number have a different pattern?!? Who woulda thunk it! :crazy_face:


If they are re-running through them I have no need to search for the quest. 5 Excellent in a Row is not worth the time and effort avoiding harder to hit Pokemon and looking for the easier options. Possible Shiny is no incentive as my Shiny luck sux.


That’s quite disappointing that they are recycling old Spinda number. There’s still 11 Spinda forms to complete its Pokédex page.
And the quest is still the same: “5 great throughs in a row”, which is not hard but can be annoying when you miss your 5th throw after 4 great throws in a row. Plus, the quest is still insanely hard to find. So basically, getting a shiny Spinda is gonna be really really hard if the shiny rate is like 1/60.


Got a spinda quest this morning. Same stop as last week. :crazy_face:


Took me like 5 months to complete last Spinda quests because I’m uncoordinated making great curves much less 5 in a row. But I haven’t seen that research task for a long time.


I have several Pokemon that are easy. Mime, wailmer and Lileep. But due to the events they are spawning less. Slakoth is ok for now.


My last Spinda caught was completed on doing throws on a Sudowoodo.


See them here sometime. Not very often. Rattata, although they have a big ring are a pain in the ass for even een nice trow.


Girafarig is also good for great throws. But this one is all slakoth:


I have not found one single Spinda quest since the current event started, the quests are all event quest 95%+ of the time


It surprised me to. Never expected this. But I ain’t complaining.


Got the Spinda quest on the Fourth. Completed it capturing a Groudon raid boss today.


Just got two Spinda tasks in a row. :man_facepalming:t2: Sadly they weren’t Shiny.


I got Spinda number 8 from the research task. So, no new form of Spinda? :thinking:


They released an old forme with its Shiny variant.


This form was also in July. Are they going to give us every old form for 2 months with the possibility of it being shiny? Then they should make these tasks more common or make getting shiny form easier. This is the first Spinda task I have seen in 2 months.