Post Your Smack Down Tyranitars


Here is mine:

Thanks, @bagguille! :grin:



Wait: Is that your only one? I only have one, but it has the best moveset :scream:


No, I have 4 other ones with Smack Down.


Post your best please.


That was my best snack down TTar.


Was Powering this up bit by bit when ever I spun up a Power Up 5 times quest. Started from a very small Larvitar caught Community Day.
Finished it off 2 days ago.


No way you are the best :grin:!


Working on powering them up and changing the move set of some.


Just a little nitpick, but its Tyranitar, not Tyranitars



The 98%… :grin:


That larvitar must be happy you caught him instead of a noob who would have transfered it immediately. Now your little larivitsr is a 3670 cp Tyaranitar! :joy::grin:


Needs a lot of candy and stardust I currently don’t have.:slightly_smiling_face:


Well the 3x stardust for a week will help you.


I will be on holiday that week. Don’t know I’ll be able to play a lot. That sucks. :frowning:



Green goblin :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Leprachaun?



Not sure why I evolved so many that day but no regrets now that there’s trading :+1:t3: