Post your Shundo


The rarest !

Shiny + 100

Post yours


2 100IV Shinies? X Doubt



@5GodLink prove him wrong :wink:


they are two?:man_shrugging:t5:


for some reason idk if ive ever gotten a 100% IV


All my shinies are terrible. lol


Me too


Me three


Just 3 other is


My point is that it doesnt really feel legit you know


no we don’t know


Luck can be very fickle. I wouldn’t go so far as to cast judgment on someone else’s luck.

I don’t have a single 100% Shiny. Best I have are 96%. Congrats to all those who do.


Im not acusing him of anything, just saying that two 100IV shinies during 3h+2 days is a bit fishy


Not really? seems someone just never knew the word "Shundo"before this topic. They are the rarest things in game.


There’s no evidence that he caught two of them in the same day. The date caught is not displayed. He could have caught one of them during the designated Community Day in November, and then another during the December Weekend. While I’ve never caught Shinies that much, I have caught 100% Pokemon in very quick succession, so it can happen. I caught 3 100% Geodude literally right next to each other. It’s extremely rare and unlikely, but it does happen. I don’t sense anything fishy.


Wild shundos are by far more rare than community day shundo, and someone has posted more of those :man_facepalming:t4:


Thats…Why I wrote 3h+2 days


I don’t have any Shundo myself. Best Shiny IV I can manage is a pair of 91% Oh-Ho.
The Wife has a 100% Shiny Dragonite. Will get a pic and post a bit later.


I think the best IV I ever caught is 98. I have 2 ‘hundo’ (as you call 'em) Magmars from research task 7d rewards and one ‘hundo’ Duskull that hatched (which I then evolved with a Sinnoh stone.

And most of my shinies have had IV below 50. Useful for little more than trophies.