Post your recent Community Day catches


post your recent community catches.


Wow you are really the master lol


Only catching 100s or 96+ i even transfered shinies. No love this community day.


Caught 3 good larvitar, 2 with 82-84 iv 15 attack and one with 94 iv 14 attack


@5GodLink what’s the name of that magical place where you play and find 100% IV Pokemon so easy like they are Pidgey or Rattata? I had weather boosted Larvitar spawns today, but I still haven’t found a 100% IV one.


LuckyParadise. Not like i didnt click over 100+ mon :man_shrugging:t5::man_facepalming:t4: kinda like wheres waldo but waldo isn’t even on the page. The results look way better than the process.


I guess it’s easier to find one when you play in a city with million Pokestops and Gyms and have crazy number of spawns.


And again I can’t find shiny Mareep or Larvitar like on their CD’s. But I have enough shinies to trade with people🤪


I really was only looking to get a decent Bulbasaur for Frenzy Plant. I got that but no Shinies for me yet. Did 2 Legendary Raids but only caught one. I still need to do 5 more Raids for Meltan Quest.



2 shiny Dratini
2 shiny Mareep
shiny Chikorita
shiny Cyndiquil
Shiny Eevee

Raided Tyranataur



I saw the marowak in friends list


This is all that survived the first cut (took me over an hour) with another day to go and my 3hr special window some hopefully won’t survive the next cut.


That T Tar tho, it needs stone edge.


Dont mind the dust, that none yo beeswax


my 3hr special window is done and dusted. I got an hour in before that started. Only Shinys were in the 3hr special. Was hoping for a better return of Shiny than what I got. A 98% Dratini makes up for it slightly. Lost a heap of Gyms late in the day with people most likely playing “look at my Shiny”
They will be getting them all back in a few hours.


You finally got Cresselia for Giovanni!