Post your PVP battles


Videos and pictures of wins and streaks!

(the only way for me to post the video)
5GodLink master league pvp battle

Edit - i was beating people 1 vs 3 and decided to start recording and by chance had a tough battle and even thought i was going to lose and was going to stop recording.




I just started GO battle league and it’s a good start!


This was my GBL battle one minute ago… easy win in the pocket


OMG - finally I did it! youppe!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


On a 15 streak atm



I’m not that good.


Currently on a 20 streak. I play master league.



Season 1 closed… Finally :sunglasses:
Better than I expected. I have no idea how ppl reach Rank 9 or 10. For me results varies from 5:0 to 0:5…

Rewards are not too bad


Only did about 160 battles or so…


End of season 1, GL only


Didn’t battle a whole lot, but I am satisfied.


Now I have rest of the season to bounce between 2100 and 1900… Well… Maybe I will get lucky :sunglasses:


Just three-zeroed someone with gbl lol


That’s called sweep


Now try to get this😋


My first battle this season was like that
No shields used

But you try to trick us by having switched your Pokemon ;p


Not at all. You can see I was still able to switch :wink:. The opponent didn’t attack, that’s what happened. And twice in a row even. :rofl:


I wonder why they don’t attack