Post your Pokemon Collections!


Post photos of pokemon stuff you have (cards, toys, figures, stuffed animals, posters) or just post a cool collection of pokemon in pokemon go if you don’t have anything!

I’m sorry for my poor photo quality but you can zoom in (I think) to see all my pokemon :grinning:.

In total I have 872 pokemon figures, 4 pokemon stiffed animals, 3 working pokeballs, one big great ball, 18 pokemon books, a pikachu piggy bank and more!


My legendary pokemon (and lapras :wink:)


My 18 Pokemon books and magazines :joy:


A strong pokemon figure collection ( and diary of a wimpy kid :sweat_smile:)


Massive Pikachu!

On the left is the piggy bank :sunglasses:




I have a lot of figures on my desk at work, I’ll have to get a pic.


This is my main Pokemon deck that stays in the truck I also keep 4 Yugioh decks and 3 Magic the Gathering in my truck at all times I’m like 99% win rate with the Pokemon deck







Haven’t shared here for awhile.



Hopefully iI’m going to get a buildable Pikachu from a friend in a couple of days